My name is Kaitlin Wilkinson, and I a communication designer in Kirkland, Washington and I currently work at Microsoft on the Developer Division Design Team. Since joining the DevDiv Design team in January of 2018 I have worked on Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, a design toolkit for people building VS Code extensions, developer services in the Azure Portal, Jupiter Notebooks, Notebooks in VS Code, .NET and various open-source projects. In 2020 I shifted from a UX design role to focus on visual design across the division. 
I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University's School of Design with a BFA in Communication Design. I am interested in how illustration, typography and color come together to communicate messages and stories. I enjoy observing beauty in nature and using my observations to influence my work whether it be through shapes, color, or feeling. I also believe it is important to work with my hands and do a fair amount of work off screen. Working with my hands enables me to connect more closely with my work.
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