This was a project for my Typography IV studio course at Carnegie Mellon University. 
For this project each student was assigned a designer and was asked to create a video based on their work. I was assigned Anna Kulachëk, a designer who has a strong use of graphic shapes and color. I was inspired by her use of simple shapes and distortion to create interesting patterns for her print pieces.
I knew right away that I didn't want to recreate any of her pieces and simply animate them, except for the striped red silhouettes. While I drew inspiration from her pieces, I wanted to focus on the aspects of her work that make it unique while creating something of my own. I decided to focus on creating a few different stills based on her prints and then create animations that bridged the gaps between them.​​​​​​​
The music is a very important aspect of this piece and when I started storyboarding my animation I knew I wanted something that matched the feeling her pieces create. I realized a good place to start looking for music would be by looking at the artists she had created posters for. After listening to a few different songs I picked "Cyrillic Acid" by Mujuice. It has the right tempo and the way the beats hit reminds me of Kulachëk's work.
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